BookmarkBridge User Manual

Chapter 2. Setting Up BookmarkBridge

Running BookmarkBridge for the First Time

The first time you run BookmarkBridge it will attempt to locate all web browsers installed on your system. This isn't always a perfect process but it should work for most systems. Every browser it finds will be configured as both a source and a destination for bookmark merging. See Chapter 3 - Merging Your Bookmarks for more information on bookmark merging.

Before doing anything else in BookmarkBridge, it is highly recommended you take the time to visit the Settings window to confirm BookmarkBridge's browser findings. See Chapter 3 - BookmarkBridge Settings for more information. Confirm that BookmarkBridge correctly identified all browsers on your system and the location of each of their bookmark files. It's okay if you do not know the exact location of your browsers' bookmark files. In almost every case, BookmarkBridge gets the location right. In fact, the only instance where you might need to modify the settings if you have multiple copies of a particular browser installed, or if you do not wish BookmarkBridge to save bookmarks to a particular browser, or even to not bother with a browser at all. It is possible to configure BookmarkBridge to not save bookmarks to a browser, but still use it as a source for bookmarks for other browsers.

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