BookmarkBridge User Manual

Chapter 3. Using BookmarkBridge

BookmarkBridge Settings

In order for BookmarkBridge to view and merge bookmarks in your browsers, it must know where each of browser's bookmark databases are located. The first time you open the settings window it will likely have at least one browser listed. This being the result of BookmarkBridge's attempt to detect installed browsers on your computer.

The screenshot below, taken from the Linux version of BookmarkBridge running on KDE 3 with RedHat Linux 8, shows the settings window of BookmarkBridge.

To reach the settings window, click the Settings button on the main window. The main part of the window consists of a list of browsers currently configured in BookmarkBridge. By clicking on one of the browsers in the list, you can make changes to the configuration for that browser. BookmarkBridge supports the notion of a browser being installed in multiple locations on your computer. Each location would have a separate configuration entry in the list.


Each browser needs a description. This description is shown on the main screen in the list of source and destination browsers. For multiple installations of a particular type of browser, the description serves to distinguish between the installations.


The location refers to the browser's bookmark database. With most browsers, this is a single file, with the notable exception of Internet Explorer which stores each bookmark in a separate file. In this case, the location refers to the Favorites folder. Click the Browse button to change the location. The browse window that opens knows whether to ask for a single file or a folder. When you select a location, BookmarkBridge attempts to determine if the location represents a valid bookmark database for that type of browser.

Read-only Browsers

If you do not want a browser to be a destination, click the checkbox labeled Never change this browser's bookmarks.

Add a new Browser

To add a new browser configuration to the list, click the Add button. You are presented with a list of browsers supported by BookmarkBridge. Select the type of browser you want to add and click the Ok button. BookmarkBridge adds the browser to the list and provides a default description. You then must click the Browse button to configure the location of the bookmark database.

Deleting a Browser

To delete a browser from BookmarkBridge, click the Delete button. You are asked to confirm your choice.

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