BookmarkBridge User Manual

Chapter 3. Using BookmarkBridge

Merging Your Bookmarks

Merging bookmarks between browsers is what BookmarkBridge does best. It is actually a several step process. It first reads bookmarks from each browser listed as a source on the main window. It combines all these bookmarks into one large list. It then saves this combined list to each browser's bookmark database listed as a destination.


Back up the bookmarks for each browser before performing a merge! BookmarkBridge, obviously, makes changes to the bookmarks of your favorite browsers. If misconfigured, or otherwise not working correctly, BookmarkBridge can be extremely destructive. It's even possible for BookmarkBridge to inadvertantly wipe out most or all of the bookmarks in a browser.

Backing up the bookmarks for a browser is generally very easy. Simply go into the Settings window and make note of the location of each browser's bookmark database. It can be as simple as making a copy of the file or files contained in the bookmark location. See the section BookmarkBridge Settings for more information on the Settings window.

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