BookmarkBridge User Manual

Chapter 3. Using BookmarkBridge

The Main Screen

The screenshot below, taken from the Linux version of BookmarkBridge running on KDE 3 with RedHat Linux 8, shows the main screen of BookmarkBridge.

As you can see from the screenshot, running BookmarkBridge actually just consists of three steps: selecting source browsers, selecting destination browsers, and selecting an action. Since BookmarkBridge remembers your selection of source and destination browsers from one session to the next, you can usually just skip to step 3 and select an action.

Source and Destination Browsers

Steps 1 and 2 consist of selecting your source and destination browsers. The source browsers are the browsers from which BookmarkBridge reads bookmarks. The destination browsers are the browsers to which BookmarkBridge saves bookmarks. With the configuration shown in the screenshot above, BookmarkBridge will read bookmarks from both Internet Explorer and Mozilla, combine those bookmarks into one list and save the combined list back out to both browsers. If a new bookmark is added to one of the browsers, BookmarkBridge will save it to the other browser. If a bookmark is later removed from a browser, BookmarkBridge will remove it from the other browser. If a browser is listed as a source but not a destination then no changes are ever written to that browser but any bookmarks added to or removed from the browser will be added to or removed from any browser listed as a destination. Conversly, if a browser is listed as a destination but not a source, any changes made to the bookmarks of that browser, that are not also made to a browser listed as a source, will be undone by BookmarkBridge.

If you wish to add a browser as a source or destination, click the appropriate Add button. You are presented with a list of available browsers. It is not possible to list a browser multiple times as a source or destination. If all configured browsers are already listed as a source or destination, clicking on the Add button will display a message box explaining why you cannot add another browser. If a particular browser is installed on your system in more than one location, it is possible for BookmarkBridge to merge between these multiple locations. Please see the section on BookmarkBridge Settings for more information.

If you wish to remove a browser as a source or destination, highlight the desired browser, and click on the appropriate Delete button. You are asked to confirm the removal.

Viewing Bookmarks

Clicking on the View button, reads all bookmarks from the browsers listed as sources and displays in a separate window. See the section Viewing Your Bookmarks for more information.

Merging Bookmarks

Clicking on the Merge button, reads all bookmarks from the browsers listed as a source, combines them into one single list, then saves those bookmarks out to each browser listed as a destination. See the section Merging Your Bookmarks for more information.

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BookmarkBridge is Copyright © 2003 by Ken Schenke. All Rights Reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.